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Loss adjusting and insurance consultancy 



We specialize in a comprehensive array of claims management and handling services, particularly for small and medium-sized claims across various domains. Our expertise encompasses:
  • Our expertise in claims management spans a variety of areas, catering specifically to small and medium-sized claims across:

  • Assets All Risks: Handling unexpected asset damage or loss with comprehensive coverage and swift resolution.

  • Fire & Allied Perils: Expertly managing claims related to fire, lightning, and explosions to ensure quick recovery.

  • Theft: Specializing in theft-related claims to recover losses efficiently.

  • Commercial Claims / Electronic Equipment: Offering tailored solutions for commercial and technological equipment damages or losses.

  • Domestic Claims: Providing full support for personal property claims, ensuring a smooth process.

  • Buildings: Covering structural damages to buildings, from minor repairs to major reconstructions.

  • Goods in Transit: Protecting goods during transportation, minimizing supply chain risks.

  • Money / Fidelity: Safeguarding against financial losses due to theft, fraud, or dishonesty.



RIXILE LOSS ADJUSTERS is a loss adjusting company committed to providing professional and expert loss adjusting, insurance consultancy and claims support services to the insurance market throughout Southern Africa. 

We have had a long, ongoing, and mutually beneficial relationship with most of the Insurance Companies.

M A Cotton & Associates CC, Equity Loss Adjusters, and Jenkinson & Whittle. 


“Gertrude's care and patience in handling my claim was nothing more than world-class. Thank you for your guidance and help.”

Amanda Cohen

“I have dealt with Rixile on more than one occasion and their service has been extremely professional .”

Mark Helm

“I have been working with Gertrude for more than 8 years now. Her understanding

and attention to detail makes her one of the best in the industry.”

Kelly Schickerling

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